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Sharon H Petry, LMT, PFT
Licensed Massage Therapist
(570) 664 - 1990

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Organic "Facelift" with Facial Rejuvenation Sculpting Massage

The length of the massage is 45 minutes and the cost is $55.
I recommend a series of sessions for best results. Packages are available
However it's great thing to do before a big event as It gives you that lifted, sculpted look.

facial cupping massage image Restore expressivity, joy and youthfulness to your face. Improve elasticity and tone in your skin, connective tissue and the muscular layers of your face. Enhance circulation of your lymph, blood and chi. Bring relaxation to your whole body by transforming underlying stagnations, weaknesses and imbalances which are reflected in your face.

I start with application of a facial ayurveda oil and gently massage the skin. Then silicon cups are used to perform the cupping portion of the massage. The cups are glided over the face in a specific pattern to help 'lift' the face, no bruising will occur with this cupping technique. I will then apply a hydrating facial mask while I massage and moisturize your neck, shoulder, and arms.

The Facial Rejuvenation Massage originated in Ayurveda, an ancient healing system that focuses on all aspects of health – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Facial Massage has been known to increase the supply of nutrients to the skin, invigorating the skin & enhancing elasticity. It diminishes the appearance of wrinkles & dark spots, brightens skin, stimulates circulation, relaxes the facial muscles and enhances appearance.

To help prevent signs of aging, I use the Facial Cupping technique to work with the Extracellular Matrix to Sculpt, Smooth and Lift the face. Cupping's focus is on moving Lymph more freely through our extracellular matrix and facial muscles and to help Blood Vessels work more efficiently to energize and detoxify your skin. The facial rejuvenation massage should also promote a feeling of well-being which is a direct result of the Cupping Technique. Removing toxins offers you a state of peace and calm.

There is a wealth of historical, clinical and anecdotal evidence for the health benefit of cupping. However, it has not been evaluated / approved by the FDA, and the information herein has not been verified by controlled, double-blind, peer-reviewed scientific studies. Furthermore, this modality is intended to benefit normal structure, function, and well-being, and is not prescribed as a treatment or cure for medical conditions. Also, therapeutic outcomes cannot be guaranteed. Results may vary. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.

Please contact me for an appointment
(570) 664 - 1990

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Located In Reeders, Pa.,  In the Beautiful Pocono Mountains
Near The Crossings Outlets and Camelbeach / Camelback Ski Area
Serving Monroe County: Tannersville, Stroudsburg, Reeders, Bartonsville, Snydersville, and Surrounding Areas.

Very Truly Yours
Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage
Stroudsburg Pa. 18360
(Actual location is REEDERS)

(570) 664 - 1990

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